The most stunning European Locations


We chose several must-see destinations in Europe for our readers.

Cap Ferrat in Southern France

For good reason, villas for rent in Cap Ferrat are in high demand. There are many places to walk along the Mediterranean Sea’s rocky shores, the narrow alleyways of old villages brimming with history, and all around – a flowering sea of oleanders, bougainvilleas, Mediterranean, tart-smelling flora, and coniferous dwellers of the coast…

When you visit the Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat property, you will feel like a genuine French nobleman who has come to the Riviera to live life!

Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle

If not in person, almost everyone had seen him on postcards or in photographs. From 1869 until 1886, King Ludwig II ordered the construction of Neuschwanstein, expending vast expenditures to create a fairy-tale castle that he lived in for less than six months.

It’s weird that a place designated for solitude became the property of hundreds of thousands of people: it was opened to visitors seven weeks after the monarch died.

Around 100 rooms of the castle are decorated with scenes from Wagner’s works and urban mythology. The throne chamber is noteworthy for its ornate design and beauty. Visitors may see the Alps, lakes, local villages, and the nearby more modest Hohenschwangau castle, where Ludwig II spent his childhood.

Italy’s Venise

Some complain about the stench of muck, others about the swarms of visitors and the rubbish they leave behind, and yet others about the exorbitant prices. But it’s all worth it to see such a unique and charming place.

Yes, there are flaws. But it’s still worth spending at least a day here to ride a gondola along the canals (and, if you’re lucky, listen to music played by gondoliers), meander around the narrow cobblestone alleyways, and visit the famous Piazza San Marco. You won’t require any more time, so you may securely continue your travel through Italy.