5 Types of Journals to Boost Productivity


Journals and diaries have been written for centuries. What began as documents o record public life and social occurring slowly became a record of daily personal activities, thoughts and memories. Today, journaling is considered to be one of the best habits to have and is championed by world leaders, authors and influencers alike.

There are numerous benefits of journaling. It is said to not only improve mental health by reducing stress and clutter but is also good for your writing and communication skills. Journals are especially known to boost productivity as they let one plan, ideate, and create. Before we get into the different types of journals that exist, make sure to collect all required stationery items for the same. This includes pens, notebooks, rulers, pencils, erasers, markers and more that are available in any school stationery store.

There are many formats of journals that are popularly used according to the needs of the user. Here are 5 types of journals to try if your main aim is to boost your productivity:

Bullet Journal: Bullet journal or BuJo has been the internet’s favourite journal for a few years now. Unlike regular pain journals, a Bullet journal contains different sections to log various aspects of life like daily mood, daily expenses, daily tasks etc. Bullet journals are fashioned to last almost a year with many trackers being on a weekly or monthly basis. This journal gamifies tasks and makes it interesting for users to improve their productivity.

Creative Journal: A Creative journal is, as its name suggests, a creative outlet if you are an artist, designer, or creator. If creating new things is your main work or your side hustle, then being creative equals being productive for you. Having a creative journal where you can ideate is essential to this process. A high-quality notebook with smooth paper is a must. Any Classmate notebook contains chlorine-free smooth paper that is perfect for writing, drawing and the holistic process of creation. You can consider adding project paper, crayons, colour pencils, paints and more to your set of tools while making a creative journal as these art supplies could help you translate your thoughts on paper in a simpler manner.

Daily Planner: For anyone who has too many tasks to keep track of or wants to find a systematic way of completing their work at hand, a daily planner is the right journal for them. A daily planner lets you map out your entire day and assign priorities to each task so that you can navigate through the day hassle-free and achieve your goals.

Project Planner: For those who take up several projects at once and like to be on top of things at all times, having a project planning journal can be quite helpful. Be it a personal project or a professional project, having a journal to note down all important information and activities regarding a project with its deadlines can be an effective way of working productively and meeting your aspirations.

Work Notebook: To keep track of work and tasks, having a journal can be helpful. Especially for those who have a huge workload or are struggling to handle their daily activities. A work diary can also be helpful for those who have joined a new role and have a lot to catch up on!

Out of these, choose the ones that match your requirements and get on with your journaling journey!