Purchasing Gemstone Jewellery In Thailand


Many people travel to Thailand each year to enjoy a fantastic tropical holiday, but plenty of people travel to Thailand to purchase gemstones and jewellery. Thailand is a central trading hub for coloured gems and high-quality finished jewellery, and there are some excellent bargains to be had when shopping for jewellery in Thailand. If you are heading to Thailand soon and are interested in purchasing some affordable, handmade, exquisite jewellery, below are some tips to follow.

Decide What You Want To Buy Before Going

With so much choice available you will need to have an idea of what type of jewellery you want to purchase before you go shopping. Whether you are looking for traditional yellow gold earrings, something made from platinum, or a ruby necklace made from white gold, there is something suitable for all tastes.

Questions To Ask The Seller

When you have an idea of what you want and are looking at the different jewellery stores to see what is available, you will want to ask questions. You will want to ask the seller about the gemstone treatments and enhancements they have used and if the gems come with a certificate that includes their grading. You will also want to ask them about the quality of the precious metals in the piece you are looking to buy and whether it is handmade or has been mass-produced.

Do Not Forget To Haggle

An excellent thing about purchasing jewellery in Thailand is that you can haggle on the price with the vendor. You will want them to offer the first price, and you can then counter with a lower offer but ensure you do not make an offer that is too low and will cause offence. You can click here to get some tips on haggling in Thailand, which you can do for many products you buy throughout the country. However, as you are a tourist, there are other ways you can save money as well.

Make Sure You Take Your Passport

If you purchase items in Thailand as a tourist, you can claim back the VAT, which is 7% of the price you pay for your items. You will need to claim this back within 60 days, and there are two ways you can do this. There is a scheme that retailers join which allows them to sell to tourists VAT-free, and you will need to show them your passport. However, if the seller is not a member of this scheme, you can claim the duty back at the airport before leaving Thailand. The process is quick and straightforward, and you will need to ensure you have your receipt and fill out a few forms, which can make your purchase an excellent bargain.