A Brief Guide to Tradesman Insurance


If you are already an established tradesperson or are thinking about stepping into the world of professional tradespeople then you will require some kind of insurance. How comprehensive your insurance is, really depends upon how much you value things like your equipment or whether or not you are likely to receive an income if you are taken ill for whatever reason, if you are unsure of what to look for, here are the basics;

What exactly is tradesman insurance?

Tradesman insurance is a type of insurance policy designed around tradespeople, designed to protect the tradesperson in the event of some kind of accident. A typical policy covers a variety of features, such as equipment, coverage for continuing work, compensation expenses if a legal claim is made against you, and other variables depending upon what it is that you do.

You must be a professional in your field of work and over the age of 16 to be considered a tradesman. In general, tradesman insurance is meant for individuals who operate in their own homes, outside, or on the property of their clients; however, if you own or rent a specific corporate site, you may need to enquire about fully comprehensive business insurance.

What is covered by tradesman insurance?

The degree of protection may be adjusted to your needs, and therefore the list of things covered varies based on the cover you select. Tradesman insurance can provide coverage for the following:

  • Contracts with the government
  • Private employment
  • Consulting \quoting
  • Working in another country
  • On-site work

What is covered by tradesman insurance?

During a quotation, your consultant may assist you comprehend the various coverage and the exact levels you may want, but there are some typical key features highlighted below. The plan you choose might be customizable to your specific company requirements, definitely something to check out when you are making enquiries.

Covers for ‘own plant’ and ‘hired-in plant.’

These features cover either ‘own plant’ which is your own equipment against damage or theft, or ‘hired-in plant’ which is, as you might expect, cover for anything that you have hired from somebody else to do the job at hand.

Employers’ liability cover

Compliance is a legal requirement for all enterprises with any number of employees, including unpaid or contracted workers. This insurance will protect both you and your workers if they are harmed whilst working for your company.

Tradesmen’s Public Liability

Liability coverage covers your company if a member of the public suffers an injury, loss, or damage to themselves or their property as a result of your carelessness.