You Can Fire Your Lawyer If You Notice These Things


When hiring a lawyer, it is important to know you have the right person representing you. This is important when handling a personal injury case to ensure you are not playing cards with your safety. There are cases of attorneys being chased out of court or being involved in criminal activities. Luckily, there are good injury lawyers out there who can represent you well. If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer Orangeville, learn more from this link about what a good lawyer should have and what legal representation entails. You may have already signed a contract with the lawyer only to realize they are not what you were looking for, and your case is at risk. If you notice the following things, fire them without a second thought.

The Lawyer is Not Confident About Your Case

If you think your lawyer is not able to handle your case or they think you don’t have a case, drop them at once. A good lawyer should understand the ins and outs of the law to know how to proceed with a case. The fact that they are not confident about the case means they could also lead you to failure. Another reason why it may be thoughtful to fire them is if the case progresses to an area where they do not have the expertise.

They Will Not Return Your Calls

Not returning your calls is already a red flag. Understandably, lawyers have many clients they attend to. However, this is not a reason why they should not pick up your calls. Communication in a personal injury case is crucial to help you know how everything is proceeding. Get a lawyer who has time to talk to you rather than an attorney who leaves the job to their assistants.

The Lawyer is Not Giving the Best Advice

One role of a lawyer is to provide legal advice. For instance, they may advise you to settle the case outside the court with a reason. The lawyer should be able to work with what you are comfortable with and explain the outcomes of your choices. They know the legal system more than you do. However, if you feel they are not giving the best advice, it may be time to get another expert.

They Are More Focused on Paying Them Than on Winning

An attorney should take your interests at heart and work diligently to help you win. However, if you notice that the lawyer is more focused on their payment rather than how you will win, it is best to change to another lawyer. The best lawyers want you to pay them after winning your case. Therefore, find a lawyer who is focused on winning more than the money.

The Lawyer is Unprofessional

Lawyers must uphold the oath they take to protect the interest of their clients. They must behave ethically throughout the case. If a lawyer is becoming unprofessional, consider firing them. Get another lawyer if your current one is asking you to do illegal things or things you are not comfortable with.


Working with the right lawyer increases your chances of winning your case or getting compensated. Therefore, it is vital to ensure the person representing you is working towards winning. If you notice the things mentioned above, fire the lawyer and look for a better personal injury lawyer in Orangeville.