Why to choose eDM over email marketing?


The most significant doubt the business community has is the difference between traditional email marketing and the eDM. On the first look, both of these marketing strategies might look similar. But, there are specific differences between these two. The eDM is considered as a better version of traditional email marketing and reportedly have a higher success rate. So it is always better to go with the eDM strategy. The main benefits of choosing eDM over email marketing are:

  • Better reachability: With the increased use of social media and other text-based communication platforms, email inboxes became a rare place most users go. While email marketing only involves sending out an email to a mailing list, eDM involved pushing the same messages through other ways like SMS and social media. Through this, the strategy increases the chance of your message reaching the user.
  • Gains user’s trust better: Most users tend to trust brands that they have noticed at various places before. eDM ensures your visibility to potential clients in multiple ways and not just sticking to email lists. A strategy of this kind will help you create better trust among them than others who are entirely relying on sending emails.