What Are The Challenges Students Face During Exams?


There is no denying that students face a lot of issues during exam seasons. It is one of the most stressful times in a student’s life that everyone wishes they could avoid, but it is inevitable, and every student has to deal with it. While some students are better at handling stressful situations, there is no denying that there are some similar problems that every student faces while taking a test prep. Here are some of those common challenges students face during exams.

  • Not getting enough sleep – It is a common occurrence that every time during board exams students tend to get tensed about their performance and start stressing. It forces them to study extra and put in more effort over and over again to find every board exam solution and cover the whole syllabus. All of this leads to over-saturation of the mind. Therefore, it leads to a lack of sleep. It is a huge issue and can affect exam preparation and overall performance. So making sure to have a proper sleeping routine, especially during exam time, is essential.
  • Unreliable study material – Thousands of students during exams find it frustrating to secure a reliable study material that will give them a proper solution for all of their subjects during board exams. Especially biology solution as it is a complex subject and can take some time to get familiar with. During exam time, every hour is precious. Spending that time searching for study material can be highly stressful and a waste of time. So it is advisable to find good credible study material such as textbooks and pdfs a few weeks before the exam commences.
  • Parental pressure – The neverending expectation of parents and relatives of succeeding in academic endeavours has led to an increased level of stress and anxiety in today’s students, making them vulnerable and prone to depression. Parents often compare their children’s results with others and force them to perform better; this also leads to student’s feeling worthless. In such scenarios, parents should be supportive of their children and should not pressure them to score better as this will only increase their child’s stress levels.
  • Inability to concentrate – there are so many external distractions these days that it takes just a notification on the phone to get distracted. Mobile phones, laptops, televisions, trips are the types of distractions that can easily hinder anyone’s concentration due to which students struggle during the exams time to focus on their studies and instead keep wandering about such things. Overcoming this problem is not easy, although not impossible. One can create a proper studying environment by eliminating things that distract them. It could be their mobile phones, laptops or turning off the internet connections. It will help you concentrate better and grasp more information effortlessly and efficiently. Such information which is collected while paying full attention stays longer in the brain. Hence, it is beneficial for students to create an environment that will not distract or divert their attention.