Things to Keep in Mind Before Travelling to UK this year


Visiting England, especially London, brings in tonnes of excitement to Indian travellers. There are a few things first-time visitors to England should know. You may be wondering about what you need to know before you get there. What should you do (or not do) when you visit the country?

The first important thing you need is travel insurance from a reputed company like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance. For the rest, below are some tips to assist you in planning your first trip to England, so you have the best time and don’t make any embarrassing mistakes.

  • Do not push in (or invade personal space): In England, pushing in is a big no-no. Britishers have learned to wait patiently in line and expect everyone else to do the same.

Get in line at the back and wait! If you accidentally push in, no one will likely directly challenge you, but everyone will tut and stare at you!!

  • Know the difference between the UK, England, and Great Britain: England – is a part of the United Kingdom and Great Britain. So are Scotland and Wales. Each one of them is a country.

Northern Ireland – a part of the UK but not Great Britain. Also, it is a country.

The UK is just a political union of four countries.

Though the difference may be complicated, you just need one travel insurance from India to  UK to cover any emergency during your travel.

  • Don’t stand on the left side of escalators: This is an important etiquette if you want to avoid annoying everyone in London. Keep to the right so that younger people, fitter, or running late can pass you at 100 miles per hour.

Some stations are deep underground, and the escalators are steep and long. During rush hour, it helps to know where to stand so you don’t get in the way.

  • Don’t talk about money: Brits don’t like talking about money all that much. If you talk about how much money you make, spend, etc., it can come off as rude and boastful.

And don’t do it in the north of England by any means. The people there don’t like it at all.

Talking about money, healthcare is expensive in the UK. Being able to get yourself treated in case of a medical emergency in the UK is one of the most significant benefits of travel insurance.

  • Don’t be too loud when you’re in a restaurant: Just a suggestion, but people from India might have a reputation for being a little too loud. It’s best not to tell the whole restaurant what you’re talking about with your friends, family, or partner.

Pubs, on the other hand, can be a lot more chill with music, quizzes, and a more laid-back vibe.

  • Don’t try to imitate local accents: You can try, but you will only succeed if you are a world-class imitator.

Also, don’t guess where our accent comes from unless you are pretty sure. There are several different regional accents in England, and understanding them, even if you have stayed in England for a long time, can be confusing.

As you plan your first visit to the UK, these tips will surely help. Travel insurance would help you in more ways than one, so it is an excellent option to buy it before you leave India. You can buy your travel insurance from a reputed company like Bajaj Allianz travel insurance.

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