Things To Do In Vegas As a Solo Traveler


Solo travel is extremely popular these days; maybe it’s because you only have yourself to consider when deciding your destination and what to include on your itinerary.

With so many adverts for luxury spa breaks for couples and romantic getaways, you could easily believe two is a magic number for a vacation. This is far from the case; traveling solo may be a daunting prospect at first glance, but you will find it is liberating and gives you a greater sense of freedom. Achieving your goal of sorting and deciding the destination for your vacation, mode of travel, and finding accommodation, will make you more confident in yourself.

If you have a look at our article ‘Be Considered A Careful Solo Traveler, you will be well on your way to life on the road on your own. Once you’re ready to set off alone, you need to find a suitable place for the solo traveler to visit. Backpacking might seem obvious, but what about Las Vegas? Can you go alone? The answer is yes, this glitzy city in the Nevada desert is the ultimate spot for a vacation when it comes to traveling alone; there are plenty of places to visit and enjoy where you don’t need company.

So pack your case and follow our brief guide on hitting the casinos and attractions of Vegas.

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Dine Solo in Vegas

It can feel very strange dining solo, but in Vegas, a city with no limits, you won’t be judged when eating alone as with many other tourists doing the same, you will not be considered odd. There are plenty of options, from fine dining in an opulent restaurant or hotel to a cheaper quick-serve food court. One favorite option for the solo diner is a high-end buffet at Ceasars Palace or other venues on the Strip, as this has the anonymity offered by self-service – if you’re worried about dining alone, it won’t be so obvious!

Hit The Poker Tables

When Las Vegas hosted the 2022 World Series of Poker, which is held there every year, Espen Jorstad from Norway won a prize of $ 10 million. If you have never visited a casino, then put on your finest clothes and head off to try your luck, even if you only play a $5 game. While trying to engage a poker face, as a solo traveler, you will have no one looking over your shoulder, giving their opinion on what your next move is, or waiting for you to finish. When you have had enough, sit at the bar with your favorite drink and watch others having fun – people-watching in Vegas is a different level of interesting altogether.

Have an Outdoor Adventure

Take a walk beyond the city limits, and along with other tourists, you can sample some outdoor Las Vegas attractions without feeling alone. Walking at your own pace, you can take in the spectacular views and absorb the peace and quiet of the natural world. The Valley of Fire is one such place consisting of 40,000 acres of Aztec sandstone and grey limestone. In the visitor’s center, you will see exhibits on the prehistory, ecology, and geology of the park. Follow one of many walking trails along all types of terrain, some difficult, others ideally suited to a gentle stroll with plenty of shaded areas to take a rest and have a picnic.

Explore The Arts District

Downtown Las Vegas has a thriving arts community; as you wander between the opulence of the Sunset Strip and the neon signs on Fremont Street, you will find many art galleries and shops. As a solo traveler you can immerse yourself in the cultural activities, including going to the Vegas Theatre Company within the Arts Square, where they promote the talent and diversity of local writers without the constraints of time. Be sure to take in the Burlesque Hall of Fame, which showcases performers from past and present times.

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