These are the 5 most common personal injury claims


Each year, around 39,000,000 people need medical attention for a variety of personal injuries. Even more concerning is the fact that accidental injuries and errors in medical care are the third leading cause of death in the US. Unintentional injuries affect millions every year. Many people decide to file personal injury claims in order to receive compensation.

There are many accidental injuries that can occur, and some have a lasting effect on the lives of people. The type of injury is what determines whether a personal injury claim can be filed. We’ll be discussing the most common personal injuries claims in this article.

1. Car Accident Claims

Personal injury claims arising from car accidents are the most common in the US. Millions of Americans are injured each year in car accidents. To receive compensation, most people decide to file personal injuries lawsuits.

Drivers under the influence or distracted drivers using their phones could be the cause of an accident. This could include cars, trucks, and motorbikes as well as buses and pedestrians. It can sometimes be difficult to prove fault. In such cases, it is crucial that victims have reliable legal assistance representation. This will make it possible to reach a settlement, if not simpler.

Most personal injury lawsuits hold the driver responsible for any accidents. They must accept responsibility for their injuries.

2. Slip-and-fall Accidents

Slip-and-fall accidents can be dangerous. They can cause injury to the neck, back, and arms as well as injuries to the legs, shoulders, heads, and sometimes the head. Hip fractures and brain injuries are most common from falls.

Victims often have to work long hours. Some suffer permanent injuries that can affect their entire lives. Personal injury cases are crucial in such cases. It is essential to have a professional law firm such as Sweet Law Firms.

3. Medical Malpractice

Patients can sustain severe injuries from medical malpractice, negligence, or carelessness by doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals. Medical malpractice claims for personal injury are most common when healthcare professionals fail to provide competent care.

Sometimes, healthcare professionals make mistakes, even if they are not intentional. They can cause serious injuries to the patient that have a negative impact on their life. These cases can be very complex. These cases could include surgical errors, birth injuries or misdiagnosis.

4. Assault

Society is becoming more violent every day. Gun-related assault injuries are the most common type of personal injury claim for assault. Assaults, unlike other types of personal injury claims most people are familiar with, are not usually caused by negligence.

When a person hurts another person, it is called an assault injury. Usually, assault personal injury claims will include a criminal case against the perpetrator.

5. Workplace Accidents

Employees who are injured while on the job can file workplace personal injury claims. These injuries can be caused by unsafe work conditions, defective equipment, or inadequate training. This type of injury is the most common and results in the largest number of personal injury cases.

Workers’ compensation policies in the US cover workplace injuries. Personal injury lawsuits are filed by injured workers to seek compensation for lost income and medical expenses. Material movers, nursing assistants, and trailer drivers are some of the most common jobs that suffer workplace injuries.

Employers must offer benefits to injured workers and a lump-sum benefit for partial or permanent disability. An experienced worker’s compensation lawyer will be able to help you get a fair settlement.

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