Street Bikes by Yamaha: A brief Guide


The motorcycle world has seen some amazing developments over the past few years, with the emergence of a rugged street bike style designed for urban and rural use. Yamaha had the foresight to see into the future and created a bold, aggressive design with a naked approach, calling it the Yamaha MT series.

Yamaha Maximum Torque

The Yamaha MT-09, is a triple cylinder bike with a light aluminium frame and it is designed for great handling and performance and if 900cc is a little too much power, the entry level MT-03 is perfect. The MT-07 is a mid-engine version with all the tech of the MT-09, making it quite a bit lighter, while the MT-10 is 998cc of raw power that utilises some of the YZF tech. This is the coolest model on the market, with performance and great handling to match and with a small, medium and large power unit, you can choose one that works for you.

Yamaha YZF Series

The baby of the family is the Yamaha YZF-R15, a single cylinder, 4-stroke liquid-cooled engine of 150cc that has surprising power and great handling, as with all the ‘R’ series machines. This bike delivers great economy and reliability in a stylish design that makes for the ideal entry level for a superbike, while the R3 is a twin version, with 298cc of power. The very pinnacle of Yamaha’s racing achievements lies within the Yamaha YZF-R6, which was designed around Rossi’s MotoGP bike in 2018, with ABS and many safety features for high-speed riding. The YZF-R1 is the 1,000cc flagship of the family and yes, it is very quick and not for the faint of heart.

Yamaha Sport Heritage

This is a family that mixes touring with road racing, with the XSR900, a superb 3-cylinder machine that has a naked look and a certain meanness about it. The smaller version is the XSR700, a mid-engine version that definitely packs a punch in any gear. The cross-plane 850cc inline engine delivers all the horsepower you need and with a Traction Control System (TCS), you experience smooth power delivery, and with an upright seating position, you are in complete control on this thoroughbred of a street machine.

Yamaha Scooters

The Yamaha TMAX 560 is a revolutionary new and very powerful addition to the scooter family and if that’s a little too big, you can choose the XMAX 300, which is ideal for city riding and also the weekends in the country.

The best thing to do is take a look at your local Yamaha dealer, where you can view any of the above and booking a test ride can be done via the website.