Online Banner Advertising For Automotive Dealership Proprietors


Online banner advertising supplies a targeted and direct response approach which help to effectively target segment specific audiences while increasing brand awareness. Based on IAB Web Advertising Revenue Report, the entire Web advertising revenue for 2009 was $22.7 billion. While online banner advertising taken into account 35% or Eight Dollars. billion from the total Web advertising revenue for 2009. The automotive advertisers taken into account 11% or $2.5 billion of total Web Advertising expenses in ’09. Thus, online banner advertising which includes display banner advertising, wealthy media, video, and sponsorship links could be effectively utilized by automotive dealers to focus on customers according to website context, geographic location, specific demographic information, and user behavior.

Advertisement Is Dependant On:

Advertisements according to demographic information, website context, and geographic location might help narrow lower and identify specific customer segment.

Website Context

Contextually relevant advertisements might help automotive dealers to higher concentrate on the prospective customers because they are voluntarily showing interest by viewing specific themed areas. Automotive dealers can effectively target individuals customers trying to find new cars, pre-owned cars etc on the internet by positioning advertisement according to website context. Also, the web site viewers will probably respond positively or be more conscious of such theme related advertisements.

Buyer Geographic Location

Display advertisements according to user location enables automotive dealers to effectively target prospective customers in neighborhood, geographic region, or perhaps in any sort of city. Delivering customized advertisements with proper relevance inside a specific region or city generates interest, engages, and attracts prospective customers.

Buyer Demographic Information

Display advertisements according to specific demographic information like industry, profession, age bracket, household earnings, gender etc might help automotive dealers effectively achieve to some specific customer segment. Demographic advertisements informing about various offers, coupons etc provided by automotive dealer can attract a number of market segment. Display advertisements according to specific demographic information might help grab attention of key audiences and using them as prospective customers.


Online banner advertising enables automotive dealers to achieve a broader segment of consumers inside a limited advertising budget.

Increases Brand Awareness

Effectively employing online banner advertising helps you to create awareness concerning the automotive dealer that leads to creating a brand image over time. Positioning creative and relevant advertisements to a particular segment assistance to effectively target prospective customers, increase automotive dealer exposure, while increasing website traffic resulting in greater rate of conversion. However, whether or not the customer doesn’t click ads, zinc heightens brand awareness about dealer. As banner advertising helps to ensure that prospective customers become familiar with concerning the services and inventory provided by automotive dealers, next time these customers consider buying, they are able to prefer and trust these dealers whom they are able to recall.

Effectively Target Customers

Certainly one of the many benefits of online display advertisements is the fact that automotive dealers can effectively target prospective customers inside their advertisement budget. Display advertisements give a better coverage and efficient targeting of potential clients as they possibly can depend on website context, geographic location of buyer, number of demographic information, and user behavior information.

Increases Website Traffic

Effectively positioning relevant and interesting display advertisements to some specific segment of audiences might help drive qualified visitors to the automotive dealer website. Display advertisements by means of banner advertising, appear ads, and contextual ads appeal to prospective customers while increasing the web site traffic. Also, display advertisement boosts the brand awareness that generates increased traffic towards the dealer website and increases the likelihood of customer buying.

Provides Good Return on investment

Aside from targeting specific segment of consumers, online banner advertising increases website traffic and increases the likelihood of purchase therefore supplies a good Returns (Return on investment). Also, display advertisement effectively targets preferred customer segment therefore lowering the ad spend wasted because of undesirable and ineffective impressions thus maximizing the Return on investment. Display advertisement facilitates tracking of display advertisement campaign by automotive dealers through metrics like clicks and conversions, impressions to higher calculate the Return on investment.

Online display advertisements can have an affect on purchasing decision produced by automotive Online users because they have better consumer engagement. Thus, display advertisements could be effectively utilized by automotive dealers to improve their brand awareness, website traffic, website interaction time, and maximize Return on investment. Furthermore, display advertisements also encourage users to conduct explore Internet that boosts the web site traffic.

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