Is Adwords Marketing an Effective Option to Get New Clients for Your Law Firm?


Any business looking to build a strong online presence cannot afford to skip Adwords marketing. It is a time-tested method that has helped millions of companies in getting business leads quickly. As a part of digital marketing strategies, Google Adwords is one of the most comprehensive ways to increase your brand awareness. It works effectively for any business, as long as the ad campaigns are managed the right way.

FORWARD Lawyer Marketing is one of the best PPC marketing companies specializing in Adwords for Lawyers. They offer complete PPC campaign management services to their clients. They have experts who research for the right keywords to be used on Adwords campaigns. They develop and manage customized campaigns in a way that the returns significantly surpass the investment. Their professional services have worked wonders for many law firms.

Adwords allows law firms to be located by people who wish to meet a lawyer, at least for a telephonic consultation with one.

Is Google Adwords Expensive?

The direct answer is NO. Now that being said, it can turn out to be expensive if the campaigns are not managed well. The true expense cannot be calculated without considering cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on investment (ROI). For us to understand how it can be expensive, let us see how Adwords work.

Adwords is the PPC marketing method that was first introduced by Google. Millions of companies use this system across the globe for attracting business leads. While many of them have been able to achieve increased ROI, some others have ended up losing money.

If you want to know about something, or about a product or service, you type the search terms on the search engine. If those words are used by a business on their Adwords marketing campaigns, their website link and description will be listed in the results as sponsored ads.

If you find the desired result, you may click on it and visit that website. As you click the link, the website owner (company) will be charged for the action by Google. To be profitable the company has to bring in more revenue than they spend on ads. If you don’t become a client or customer they will still have to pay Google for the click.

The words or phrases used for searching are called keywords. At times, it is a combination of words or just a single word. Using the wrong keywords can cost you a fortune. The idea of using Adwords is to capitalize on those keywords for drawing website traffic. Whenever a potential customer searches for the keywords that you use on your Adwords campaigns, the landing page or your website link will show up as results.

The customer shall click on it to review and buy. If it is not relevant at all, then that click goes to waste. Imagine if 90% of users do the same thing because the keywords you purchased are taking them to irrelevant information. You are incurring a loss, thus making it expensive.

Adwords for lawyers can be made cost-effective only when you use well-researched keywords that drive consistent traffic to your website. You will need to analyze your campaigns regularly to identify the ones that are giving good returns on investments, and the ones that are performing badly. You will then need to make the appropriate changes in your Adwords marketing strategy.

How to Make Adwords Work for Lawyers?

Adwords will deliver success to lawyers if it is managed the right way. It is just that you must be careful in selecting the keywords and text. Once the keyword phrases are selected, the campaign must be carefully executed with a strict plan in place. Let us first see how to select the right keywords for your law firm.

Keyword Selection: Go on to Google and type in the relevant keyword for your law firm, and see what comes as search results. Also, type your law firm’s name and see. The results that load when you search are your competitors. There are two types of KWs.

  1. Short-tailed
  2. Long-tailed

The short-tailed ones are the phrases usually used by the users to research lawyers and law firms when first starting. Long-tailed is more specific and generally signals a stronger buyer intent with more text but is less competitive. So, make a list of keywords that are listing your competitor and your firm’s name in the search list.

Once you are done with it, for every keyword add a list of cross-reference words with it. For example, if your Adwords or keyword is ‘Family Lawyer in Chicago’. Add a few more keywords against it like,

  1. Family Law
  2. Lawyer Divorce
  3. Family Lawyer

Type in each of the KW you have chosen, along with the additional keywords in a spreadsheet. This is your master keywords list. PPC marketing companies use advanced tools for doing keywords-research for their clients. These tools make the job easy, as they can easily download the keywords lists on Excel or PDF files.

Competitor Research: As you note down the keywords/Adwords, check for the competitor listing and see what they are offering to their customers. This is a piece of vital information, as it is important to know what your competitor is doing. Most of the Ad campaigns will send the customer to a landing page. Check for the landing page as to how user-friendly it is.

Build Your Landing Page: Once the research work is done, build your landing page. This is the page the customer shall land on as they click on the link offered by the search results. We do not recommend the website Home Page to be used as the landing page. It is because, the website home page could confuse the customers, while the landing page shall be specifically targeted for the Ad campaign.

Now, you can set up the Adwords campaign. You can enter one Keyword, or make it as a group of KWs. As you do that, remember to also use the cross-referenced keywords in that group. You can also add additional ones in the same group, or make a new group. Now when the customer types a keyword in the group, your landing page link comes in the result page.


Adwords is an amazing marketing strategy to drive traffic for a law firm. As we saw in this blog, if the step-by-step action plan is executed appropriately, the campaigns can be highly profitable.