How To Use Velcro Tape For Attaching Patches?


There are a lot of people who use badges or patches to signify who they are like police, firefighter or scouts and also people who attach small patches to their clothing or other apparels to make it more customized. So, the best way to attach such patches will be using a Velcro. Velcro is the best hook and loop fastener that lets people attach such emblems or patches with ease and also allows for easy removal or such patches.

How to attach a Velcro to the fabric?

There are many kinds of Velcro and one has to follow steps based on the type to adhere it to the material and the badge. Iron-on Velcro tapes are easy to use and require the user to iron the tape in the maximum setting and the tape sticks to the material. But some materials are not compatible with this type, so stitching the Velcro onto the material is another way of doing it. Stitching it ensures good resistance against any kinds of stress on the tape. Some Velcro tapes have small quantities of adhesives applied to the back to help hold it in place for sewing. Is sewing the tape is not possible, then using adhesives to stick it to the fabric works but will snap after repeated application of stress. So, while removing the hook and loop sides apart, it is advised to maintain caution.

Use small lengths of the Velcro tape to stick the patch to the material, in case the patch is big, the use of longer tape is advised over using multiple small ones. Nowadays, custom Velcro patches have come up in the market. The loop side of the tape is pre-adhered to the patch and the hook side of the tape can be ironed to the required material to facilitate faster use.