How to Know You Are Dealing with an Unreliable Mover Company


Relocation is an emotionally draining and tiring task. A lot of people hire moving companies to accomplish this job. However, not all mover firms are trustworthy. Some of them are scams. They are not licensed and can lead to damage or loss of your goods and money.

To save from any unfortunate consequences, here are a few tips on how to deal with an unreliable mover.

Ensure that your potential mover firm is registered:

Only hire those mover firms that are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admission (FMCSA). It is required that the mover firm you choose should have a USDOT number and a motor carrier number (MC#).

Ask them to provide these credentials, when talking with potential mover firms, or refer to the FMSCA website to check the details on your own. As per the FMCSA, all movers need to furnish details such as their address, contact information, type of moving business, and registration status.

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Read the Reviews

Refer consumer advocacy websites and Google to read reviews about a car shipping company. Learn about what their past customers are talking about their business, their services, etc. Don’t select those firms that have a majority of negative reviews or only positive reviews (a spotless record).

Look at Their Pricing

A company that offers an “assured lowest price” is not the right one to hire. Check on the shipping price that shipping companies in your area charge to their customers. Based on that arrive at an average price.

If you come across a shipping firm that charges you very low quotes than the average, then you do not consider it. Hidden fees, unprofessionalism, poor quality services, inexperienced workers, etc. could be the reasons behind their low price.

Check Whether They Want a Deposit Money

Some auto transport companies ask customers to deposit some amount to secure a transport truck, provide the carrier details, driver name, and contact information, etc. Do not go for such companies.

Check the Ratings

Before you enter into a contract with a mover firm, it is important to check their Better Business Bureau ratings. Along with it, also check about their company information, date of incorporation, online complaints, etc. Discard companies that have poor online ratings with BBB.

Negative ratings indicate that the car transport company is an unscrupulous, scam, and unethical. Only look for the ones that have a solid reputation and offer a reliable service to their customers. Selection of a mover firm in this way will give you mental peace and assurance that you have a trusted company to handle your automobile.


The assistance of a mover is necessary to execute the complicated job of home/business relocation. While you choose a mover firm, it is important to be vigilant and careful. Pay attention to the above tips to ensure that you are dealing with a trusted mover.