Get to know the secrets of Predjama castle


Predjama castle is one of the best-kept Slovenian secrets and it is worth visiting. Its exterior is mesmerising, as this 4-storey castle is built into the side of a cave, surrounded by vertical natural rock. It is a scene that you usually only see in a fantasy world, so it is not unusual that this castle was an inspiration to some best-selling authors of fantasy stories.

You can read more about the castle on our webpage and we assure you will be more than impressed with this fantasy castle.

Is it true or am I in a fairy tale?

Approaching Predjama castle is one-of-a-kind experience. It is scary, photogenic; with some imagination, you can almost see a dragon or two, protecting the castle’s entrance. The view of the castle is just stunning.

Predjama castle still has its original secret tunnels preserved and it is not hard to imagine inhabitants of Predjama castle to run along these passageways in times of siege. When you walk along the castle’s secret tunnels or from one room to another, you can feel its stories and memories, echoing from the castle’s walls.

Most dramatic castle in Slovenia

Predjama castle is the most dramatic castle in Slovenia. It is located in a quite remote area, but because the famous Postojna cave is situated only a 15-minute drive away from it, it is getting more and more attention from visitors. There is also a free shuttle bus running from Postojna and Postojna cave to Predjama castle during the summer.

Therefore, you do not have any excuse not to visit Predjama castle. It truly is one of the most impressive castles in the world. So be sure you have your camera ready as the scenery just calls for some impressive shots. In addition, we assure that your imagination will run wild, as the castle itself, as well as its surrounding really are impressive.

When visiting Slovenia, you should not miss this fairy tale castle. Perhaps you will even get a chance to see a knight tournament and become one with medieval life of the castle.