Can You Claim Compensation For A Spine Injury?


A spine injury can be severe or mild and it usually happens due to an accident. If you have a spine injury and it has occurred through no fault of your own, raising a claim is in order. Compensation is likely if it can be proved that the injuries happened due to someone else’s fault. However, you need an attorney to give your case the personalized attention it needs for maximum compensation.

The Nature of a Spine Injury

Most such injuries fall in the ‘severe’ bracket. But some of them can get treated with medical attention, drugs, therapy, and ongoing treatment. The most severe of these injuries cause nerve damage and even paralysis, both of which are irreversible. When spine injuries occur, it is best to prepare for the worst and start a claim with the insurance company as soon as possible. This should be coupled with hiring a very good attorney who can make a good case that will bring maximum compensation.

Claiming of Compensation

Whether you are entitled to compensation for your spine injury depends on the nature of the injuries as well as the circumstances under which the accident happened. Also, whether or not someone else was at fault for the accident is another factor that will decide whether you are entitled to compensation. It is in your best interest to hire an attorney who not just understands everything about personal injury law but also knows the ins and outs of spine injury.

If things go right, then you will be able to claim compensation for the catastrophic incident that has left you with permanent or temporary, partial or total spinal injuries. You may be able to claim for medical expenses incurred for the treatment of the injury, as well as for loss of income and loss of the source of livelihood. You can even claim mental anguish, pain, and suffering.

What are the Types of Spine Injuries?

There are a few common types of spine injuries that happen.

  • Cervical Injuries: This is one of the most critical injuries that can happen to the spine. A patient will usually have no function or feeling from the neck downwards.
  • Lumbar Damage: This is the type of injury that causes partial or even total loss of function and sense in the lower part of the body of the victim.
  • Thoracic Injuries: If a person has got a severe blow to the back, then it can cause a herniated disk. It is a serious spinal injury and needs ongoing treatment.

The Right Attorney

If you or someone you care about has suffered from a spine injury, it is crucial to find a good attorney to back up. Insurance companies don’t take victims of such injuries seriously unless they get equipped with attorneys. Spine injuries can cost thousands of dollars in medication and therapy, and the maximum compensation certainly helps lessen the mental pain and suffering, if not the physical pain.