AGM Voting Session For The Deserved Audiences; Results Pop Up Fast


Easy to operate technology

The technology might sound extremely complicated, but it is quite easy to operate and work. The very need to keep the audience engaged throughout the show requires activities to be performed. One such digitally assisted activity is AGM Voting on the webcast itself. The activity allows the people to get a proper conclusion over the ongoing discussion and the enclosed topic.

Selective voting characteristic

The shareholders can be addressed separately from the other audiences, one can question them, and the poll’s answers depend solely on the shareholders’ preferences. The selective voting allows the presenter to distinguish questions that are to be asked to each audience and the other set of questions from the shareholders. This facility is one of the most advanced ones among the technologically assisted.

Polling disability option

The presenter can disable the voting options for the audiences he doesn’t seek an answer from, and that way, the answers he gets much clear and more specific. The disability option allows the presenter to stay sorted with superior decisions and inferior conclusions. If anything is confusing the audience and the show, it should be the host’s sole responsibility to clarify it.

Timed reaction and fast results

The time limitation on the voting polls allows the attendees to learn what they would be chosen with just one instinct. When the timer turns off, the voting polls shut, and each one of the voters who have already registered their choice gets counted and, the rest is not. The need for orderly action is important, and the final results are to be out as soon as the timer blows up.

Consideration of every vote

Each one of the audience that votes on the AGM Voting poll gets their preferences counted and considered. Voting is a very effective method to initiate a proper interaction amongst the presenters and the shareholders, and the audiences. Enjoy your official meet to the fullest; hope you come up with innovative ideas and changes!