Adapting to the new way businesses are being run in 2022


When it comes to how businesses are being run in 2022, a lot has changed! Whether you are a new business owner who wants to make sure you are in line with contemporary practices, or you have an established team and want to update the way you do things, there are ways you can adapt.

Keep reading to find out how you can embrace the new normal and stay ahead of the trends, while keeping your team engaged and empowered.

Move shared drives to the cloud

While shared drives have for a long time been a very useful way for employees to access shared data, it is not without its drawbacks. These drives can be challenging for remote or hybrid workers to access (especially those overseas), and can be slow to load. If you are working primarily from shared drives, then take full advantage of the cloud-based revolution. Moving to a cloud system allows your employees to access the same data and files in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Not only that but the cloud can be used for easy collaboration and connecting in shared spaces, making teamwork much easier. The general consensus is that hybrid working is here to stay – so making this as easy as possible for all employees should be a priority.

Offer online access

Online access shouldn’t stop at employees being able to collaborate with others or easily connect with clients and colleagues via video chat. Being able to check on their monthly payslip, benefits, and more online can help employees keep on top of things. It also gives them a better overview of what you offer, and empowers them to choose and change things as they wish. An accessible benefits portal is a fantastic way to lighten the load on your human resources team, too – check out Zest’s employee benefits portal to find out more.

Improve your training

When you think about training new employees who are being onboarded or providing ongoing training for existing employees, how do you envision this? It used to be that staff would need an in-house, in-person trainer, or head off to a training session somewhere further afield. Now, training is being offered in a more flexible manner, with online platforms offering employees the opportunity to access training as and when they need it, across multiple devices. This encourages your employees to engage with training at their own pace and fits in well with remote or hybrid working practices.

These are just some of the ways in which businesses are stepping into 2022 – and beyond! By adapting to these fresh new ways of thinking about running your business, you can future-proof your success and enjoy higher levels of employee satisfaction.