A Land Worth Seeing


Are you on holiday or perhaps tired of the same old routine? Maybe those classroom or office walls are growing terrifyingly closer and closer together. Then how about a beautiful scenic adventure to Scotland? A walking holiday might just be the thing missing in your life. It could be the one thing needed to put a smile back on your face or that skip in your step.

So get up and book your trip for one of the best walking holidays in Scotland. Scotland’s beautiful countryside is the perfect place for that goal to be achieved. Scotland is the perfect destination for a holiday trip that you so deserve.

You Can’t Beat a Self-Guided Tour

What’s better than a hiking trip? Try a hiking trip where all of the hassles are taken care of. Enjoy a completely worry-free adventure. Each and every one of the self-guided tours have been mapped out and planned just for you and anyone you might bring along. There is no worry; there is no need for planning. There’s not even a need to worry about your hotel booking or the hauling around of an overstuffed backpack because, on a self-guided walking tour, all of that is taken care of for you. The only things that you need to worry about are the beautiful sights that you are going to take in on your wonderful trip.

Scotland and All its Beauty

You are going to need to borrow more time if you want to take in all the wonderful sights that Scotland has to offer. Walking in Scotland is guaranteed to leave you wishing that you had more time to see all it has to offer. How about six unforgettable nights walking the Cateran Trail? Oftentimes portrayed as being more beautiful than the sights of the West Highland Way, the Cateran Trail is said to be one of the most beautiful walks in Scotland. This hiking adventure only costs £559.

The Great Glen Way

How about seven nights walking the Great Glen Way? This trip goes from Fort William to Inverness. And, on this beautiful trip, you get to visit Castle Urquhart, which overlooks the famous Loch Ness. This once-in-a-lifetime trip starts out at only £655.

Borders Abbeys Way

Or perhaps you would like to spend six or seven nights on one of Scotland’s great trails. For only £519, you can walk the Borders Abbeys Way. Take in the local history of this wonderful trip where you get to see four great ruined abbeys along the way. These are just a few of the beautiful scenic adventures that you could experience while visiting Scotland. Don’t be afraid of getting up and getting out. Don’t let this holiday pass you by not visiting Scotland and walking one of the many self-guided walking/hiking tours. It’s definitely a trip that you want to plan out and a trip that you definitely don’t want to miss.