A Brief Guide to Issues You Should be Aware of Within the Education System


As with most things that you put time and effort into, there are tremendous benefits to be gained from the current education systems, however, there are also some hurdles that some people will have to overcome and, things that you should be aware of. Whether you are a teacher or, a parent considering a new school for their child, here are some things you’ll want to be aware of before you start your journey;

Why is it important that we understand the current issues within the system of education?

As a teacher, you’ll probably be going through an interview process at some point, interviewers will be really impressed if you are up to date with the challenges and issues that come with the education system. If you are a parent, looking for a new school it will be a huge benefit to be able to question how the school deals with or, intends to deal with the current challenges and, how that will affect your child’s education. The best international schools in Bangkok equip students with the tools they need to succeed.

Examples of current educational issues and areas for future consideration

State funding and policy changes

Governing bodies are regularly changing policies and procedures, knowing how that impacts your prospective school and how they are handling the matters will put you in good stead. The number of students is increasing year on year, how does the school manage, do they hire more teachers or do they simply have larger classes?

In addition, budget cuts are always a concern and, whilst they can’t be helped, you should find out how the school deals with the matter. It certainly isn’t something that will be going away overnight, if you are a teacher how might this affect your income and earning potential?


With most teaching done online, find out how the school has adapted to the new teaching methods. Some very skilled teachers may have lost their jobs, their skill sets are simply better suited to face-to-face classroom teaching, especially if they have been teaching in the traditional manner for some years. Does this mean a school full of new teachers and, how good are they, what tech is needed/provided?

Processes of assessment

You’ll also want to be – up to speed with the schools overall grading systems, not every school works or grades pupils in the same manner, although they may have to follow a certain set of criteria. Understanding the process will aid you in making sure your child, or pupils are geared up for exams in the most suitable way.