5 Best Features Of Royal Enfield Old Model Bikes


The market for motorcycles is exploding at the moment. Perhaps it will be in a couple of months once Royal Enfield introduces their new 650 twins with a vintage-inspired design to the market. Because of their aggressive marketing and the macho attitude of their bikes, Royal Enfield motorcycles have carved out a unique niche for themselves in the Indian motorcycling picture right now.

The bikes of Royal Enfield are known for their renowned thud, which is a low-pitched engine sound that is quite pleasing to the ears. This distinctive thud, which may become addicting, sets a Royal Enfield apart from all other types of motorbikes. In addition to this, another of the primary factors that draw people to Royal Enfield motorcycles seems to be the brand’s rich history. Here we are going to discuss the top features of the Royal Enfield old model.

1. Spending power

Royal Enfield old model bikes come with huge engine power. As a result of the expansion of the economy, the purchasing power of the younger generation is also expanding. People who, in the past, due to restricted means, would have chosen a bike that was far more inexpensive are now going out now and obtaining the bike of their dreams. Because of their greater purchasing power, the younger generations are now able to purchase the kinds of goods that they have always enjoyed.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Even though it has a large engine and is made with heavy materials, a RE may easily get a mileage of 30-35 kilometers per liter. This is true even for the larger 500CC engine, provided that it is not extremely poorly maintained. A bargain like this “doesn’t get any better” than the one. You get the full power without having to spend huge amounts of money on gasoline. Choose from among the various available motorcycles, and you’ll find that almost all of them offer almost the same level of fuel efficiency while having far smaller engines. A compelling argument in favor of investing in a Royal Enfield old model.

3. ABS

After a very long period, this really is the ultimate and also most essential feature that Royal Enfield has included in their motorcycles. There have been many critical conversations over the lack of anti-lock braking systems (ABS) in Royal Enfield’s old models, as well as the fact that they may have fallen behind in a number of significant features that are becoming standard on luxury motorcycles currently available in the market.

4. Simplicity in repair work

Royal Enfield’s old models are reasonably priced despite their ability to convey a “large bike” sensation. They are entirely produced within the country, making them reasonably priced in relation to the engine capacity they possess. The mechanical design of the motorbike is straightforward, and as a result, it can be serviced at any roadside shop. Even the most up-to-date engines are rather straightforward and straightforward to fix.


Without a doubt, the Royal Enfield has been one of the bikes that have been around the longest. There is no level of wind speed that will be sufficient to cause a RE rider to turn back. When you take into account that practically every RE motorbike weighs in at more than 190 kilograms when wet and that the rider weights an average of 78 kilograms, the motorcycles have little trouble remaining firmly planted just on the road.


Royal Enfields is known for its extensive level of personalization in the Indian market. Even the manufacturer creates factory bespoke Royal Enfield old models, and in order to encourage customers to personalize their purchases, the company has collaborated with several modders and displayed the latter’s wares in its showrooms. There is not one other manufacturer in India that offers customization at this time.